Unveil what is hidden

Obscured_Red Wine_CA_NV_Bottleshots_Front

Dark Red Wine

Dark and deep, with secrets to keep. Swirling black fruit and smoke mingle with bright red cassis, vanilla and berries. This robust, full-bodied red unfolds into layers of sultry fruit and intriguing spice. A smooth, velvety and decadent blend so luxe it will make you blush.


Our Winery

Our Napa Valley based, family-owned & operated winery has created a library of award-winning wines that deliver exceptional quality and value. Built on Napa Valley soil, we remain rooted in the soulful traditions of our first-generation Italian winemakers.  Holding that tradition, we believe that wine is served best when it brings people together. We craft wines that tell a story and allow those who enjoy them to tell their own.

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